Prosecco Superiore ExtraDry wins worldwide great prize

ISMEA and UIV evluations regardig the good year for the production of wine in 2015 and, in particular, even the weather forecast on the quality has not been denied and they are confirmed by the press we received. The great satisfaction on the excellence of our 2015 Prosecco comes from a further recognition, truly extraordinary: the Prosecco Superiore DOCG ExtraDry Domus-pictA was awarded with the bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. A really important goal, reached in one of the most important competitions in the world

With the participation of wines and spirits from more than 80 countries, this competition, founded in 1969, has obtained a great significance because of the particular process of judgment and evaluation of products presented. It consists in two steps: in the first part a commission composed by wine specialists, from different parts of the world, judged and sampled every wine; the second one, and more interesting, is based on chemical analysis, with the aim to exclude all products that can attract from the perspective of taste, but may change its own characteristics in time because, for example, of the oxidation.

An immense satisfaction that represents the dedication and the passion used to bring you a product always excellent. This award confirms that our Prosecco Superiore represents an excellence in the world.

We wait for you in the vinery to share with you this further goal, celebrating of course with our Prosecco Superiore DOCG ExtraDry.